• Buck-It! Cover - The Head 2 Hoof Shop
  • Buck-It! Cover - The Head 2 Hoof Shop
  • Buck-It! Cover - The Head 2 Hoof Shop
  • Buck-It! Cover - The Head 2 Hoof Shop

Bucket Holder 20L Equestrian Buck-It! Cover made by The Head 2 Hoof Shop.

$69.00 CAD

Make animal travel easy. Take the stress out of feeding. Buck-It! Covers are made of neoprene which is a stretchy, tough, durable material which provides for a sleek snug fit to your flat back bucket. This cover with its 4 built in D-rings and 5 versatile straps can turn your flopping feed bucket into a stable, portable unit with the ability to secure your bucket to just about anything! The cool part, they are completely customizable from colour selection to custom embroidery, let’s design yours today!

Buck-It! Cover Features

  • Made of Neoprene and Nylon Webbing
  • Utilizes high temperature Velcro to adhere to bucket
  • 4" Velco provides adjustability for different styles of flat back buckets
  • Comes with 5 versatile and easy to use straps
  • Attaches to a variety of surfaces including rail fencing, stall panels, corral bars, horse trailers even trees
  • Optional embroidery; add a logo, horses name, favorite saying, brand
  • Optional canvas insert for added durability
  • Fits all standard 20L Flat Back Buckets
  • Adjusts to fit insulated / heated Flat Back Buckets
  • Colours: 
  • 6 Neoprene colours to choose from
  • 10 D-ring trim / straps colours to choose from
  • 13 Optional canvas to choose from
  • Many optional embroidery thread colours to choose from

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