Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Buck-It! Cover?

  • A Buck-It! Cover is a conveniently designed cover for your equestrian and canine feeding buckets. The Buck-It! Cover is created with high quality materials and a hook and strapping system, that allow you to keep feeding buckets in place. By ensuring your equestrian and canine feeding system is immobile, you reduce the stress that may contribute to equestrian and canine chewing.


  • How does the Buck-It! Cover attach to my bucket?

  • Perfectly designed for most standard feeding bucket sizes, the Buck-It! Cover is a pre-sized covering system that utilizes neoprene and Velcro technology to fit snug to your feeding bucket. Combined with an easy to use strapping system (and optionally purchased wall system), your feeding buckets can be attached to fences, trees, vehicles, walls, and much more!


  • What size bucket will my Buck-It! Cover fit?

  • We are proud to announce that the Buck-It! Cover now comes in five convenient sizes and are designed

    These include our 20L and 8L Livestock Feed Buck-It! Covers; and our 2, 4, and 6 Quart Canine Buck-It! Covers. High quality materials and engineered design fit allow the Buck-It! Cover to be adjusted to different shaped buckets, including flat-backed, round, and heated buckets.


  • Do I have to remove the straps from the fence every time I want to fill my bucket?

  • No, you do not. That is the beauty of the Buck-It! Cover System. Once you secure your straps to the fence, you may quickly remove your bucket by unclipping it from the straps. This makes reattaching quick and easy. You only have to undo your straps when you'd like to relocate your bucket, and the side release clips make this a simple process as well. Additional straps can be purchased separately to make relocation even more simple!


  • How do I clean my Buck-It! Cover?

  • Spot clean with a damp clean cloth, or wash on the gentle cycle in cool water. Lay flat to dry. We do not recommend you putting the Buck-It! Cover in the dryer at any time.


  • Can I attach my Buck-It! Cover to a solid wall such as a stall or the side of my horse trailer?

  • Yes! The Buck-It! Cover strapping system can be connected and looped through most any anchoring system, making your life easy when you travel.