Fill-It! Don't Spill-It!

Buck-It! Cover is a beautifully constructed cover for your feed or water pail, designed to secure your bucket to a permanent fence or portable panel, eliminating spillage. These covers, utilizing a unique yet simple strap system which looks great and stay securely on your bucket while being completely portable and practical.

Some of the unique features of Buck-It! Covers:

  • Creates a durable and spill-proof bucket system, handcrafted in Canada

  • Designed and tested by two horse owners frustrated with spilled feed and water

  • Made with quality neoprene, or a combination of neoprene and canvas

  • Adjustable, Buck-It! Covers snugly fasten and adjust to every 20 litre feed/water bucket we've tried!

  • Comes complete with 5 strong, nylon straps available in a variety of colors and with quality nickel plated snaps

  • Attaches to just about anything including a variety of fences such as board, rail or portable panels, stalls, horse trailers, even trees!

  • Allows you to quickly unclip your bucket (straps remain on the fence), fill and then easily reattach, so your  horse can enjoy their feed or water without the ability to knock the pail over or swing it around, saving you the time and effort  of having to make another trip to the water or feed source

  • When you'd like to reposition your bucket to another paddock or take it in the trailer with you, just unbuckle the straps from the fence (the straps will then remain attached to your cover) making the Buck-It! Cover immediately portable

  • Unique, stylish and customizable from the color of the Buck-It! Cover and D-Ring Trim to the straps and embroidery you select

Our custom embroidery feature is available with some great "In-House Captions" such as I ♥ my horse or a trendy Monogram of your horse's initial. There is also an option to completely personalize your Buck-It! Covers with your brand, logo, company information, website, breed, grand champion or simply your horse’s name ... now that's cool!

Buck-It! Covers ...

      • provide peace of mind that your livestock partner has water or feed that can be consumed, not spilled!

      • will be the envy of everyone at your business, barn, clinic or show and will end bucket mix-ups!

      • can be ordered on-line or purchased at one of our many trade show events!

      • are easily portable and make great gifts for horse lovers just like you!