About Us



Head 2 Hoof is the creator of the Original Buck-It! Cover. While associated with feeding, The Buck-It! Cover is more than just a convenient feeding bucket cover.

The goal of Head 2 Hoof is to create products that makes animal travel easy, and further the bond between human and animal. By offering equestrian products that provide solutions to common problems like frustration while feeding; we help alleviate associated problems that can include licking and chewing, which can be caused by sympathetic nervous system stress. By alleviating these frustrations and stress, both human and animal can focus on developing strong bonds with one another.  

Upon the success of our equestrian line, we made the decision to create a canine line of Buck-It! Covers. They have quickly become a best seller with our current clients. These new products are allowing our clients to travel long distances with their furry loved ones, while reduced feeding stress for both human and canine. These are currently available by contacting Head 2 Hoof directly, and will be launched on our site soon!

Our production facility is located in beautiful Cranbrook, British Columbia, and we ship our products to loyal consumers all over the world. We believe in global community and working together, to create happiness for 'the stable ones in our lives'.

If you are interested in our products, but haven’t quite found what you are looking for; we invite you to Contact Us directly. We are happy to provide individualized support to all of our clients.

Thank you for visiting Head 2 Hoof!