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A Second Miracle from a Horse Named Star

After Star’s accident in the mountains, the vet told us, it was nothing shy of a miracle that she lived. However he was certain that her reproductive organs had been damaged in the accident and it was very unlikely she would ever have a foal.
A couple of years after Star’s accident I acquired two 2 year old studs. How I acquired them is a story I’ll save for another blog. One was jet black we named him Carbon and the other a sorrel with a grey mane and tail, his name was Shyanne. We ended up gelding Carbon not long after we got them but decided to keep Shyanne as a stallion. He was fairly tall, big boned; short coupled and was good mountain horse breeding stock. For the most part Shyanne was a really good stallion, we had little issues with him being “Studdy”. However, for obvious reasons, we kept him separated from the mares and geldings. Then one day as we were moving horses around we decided to stick Star in with Shyanne. The vet had told us he was sure her reproductive organs had been damaged so we weren’t worried about her becoming pregnant. Months and months went on and even though we noticed she’d gained some weight, we chalked it up to less competition for food as she only had the stud to contend with. With the knowledge from the vet in the back of our minds we were oblivious to what was really happening until one day we noticed she was developing an utter! The next thing we knew she gave birth to a beautiful baby foal! He was sorrel with a white blaze shaped like a backwards question mark down his face. He was the light of my life! A second miracle Star had given us. We only had this small bundle of joy in our lives for a very short stint but that’s a sad story for another post.

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