H2H Shop - Two 2 year olds, all I had to do was train a horse and a mule

Two 2 year olds, all I had to do was train a horse and a mule 

In an earlier blog I mentioned Shyanne and Carbon but I didn’t tell you was how I acquired them.

My dad had an old cowboy friend who had worked with horses his whole life. By the time I met Charlie he was in his 80’s and no longer able to ride but he was full of stories and lots of wonderful advice. One day he said to me, how would you like to put some miles on that grey gelding for me and get that mule to point where she can be rode. The horse apparently had been trained but then no one rode him for several years. The mule on the other hand, was halter broke but that’s about it.

Why not! I was up for the challenge, how hard could it be. The horse had been previously rode and the mule was about the size of a pony. So we took them both home and commenced work immediately. The grey gelding was fine, no worries at all but the mule………the mule was most definitely a challenge. For a week straight that mule dumped me over and over and over. Finally I said to my dad, I don’t know what to do with that mule. She keeps bucking me off! I can’t stay on her. He said, no problem I know how to fix that. He said, mules don’t like to hurt themselves. The next day I got up on that mule and my dad put a rope on her front leg. As soon he she started to buck he gave a tug on the rope and she took a nose dive. The part I never realized is, I too would do take a nose dive. My dad was right though. That mule never bucked again! She did however take to running me into trees! Eventually though I got her to the point where we could say she was ridable and for my efforts Charlie gave me the two 2 year olds he had promised. We named them Carbon and Shyanne. They were as wild as wild could be when we got them so as you can image, there are stories to tell. Check out my blog post on Carbon & Shyanne two wild 2 year olds.

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