H2H Shop - A Horse Name Star and Her Accident in the Mountains

A Horse Name Star and her accident in the Mountains

In my last blog I told you about Star my little welsh quarter horse pony and how she came into my life. But I didn’t tell you yet about her terrible accident.

I was on a pack trip with my dad and two of his friends from out of town. We trucked the horses to a friend’s guide territory in the back country. From there we headed out crossing the river and following the creek up into the mountains. The terrain was rough and the scenery was more breath taking than you can image! Meadows with winding meandering creeks nestled in the rugged mountain basins. I remember riding along the edge of one meadow and across the field on the other side of the creek was a black bear eating away. Although I’m sure the bear knew we were there, it carried on as though he didn't and so did we.

We were two days in when we came across a fairly large stick protruding across the trail. All the other horses stepped over it but Star being a bit smaller decided she needed to jump it. That’s when the accident occurred. Maybe I pulled her back, maybe she couldn’t clear it because of the horse in front of us. It all happened to quick to know exactly what the cause was but the stick she tried to clear lodged into her inner thigh. It was about the size of a baseball bat around and went in about a foot. The stick was attached to a wasp nest and as it so happened I was allergic. My dad started yelling at me to run down the trail and he, full of adrenalin, managed to crawl underneath her and using his back lift her enough to get the stick out. She immediately came running down the trail until she found me. The next thing I remember was seeing my dad carrying his gun. I cried out, “please, you can’t shoot her, please dad, you can’t”. Maybe it was the tears, maybe it was the anguish in my voice but he agreed we would try to get out of the mountains and into a vet. I know he had no hope that she would live but for my sake he agreed to try. We knew two days out would be too much so my dad gave Dusty (another one of our horses that I have many stories to tell you about) his head and over the mountain we went. We stopped at any water we could find, removed the rag that was stuffed up inside the hole, washed the wound and let her stand in the cold water. Miraculously she made it out to the truck and believe it or not she did what Star always did and put up a bit of stink before getting into the trailer. My little quarter horse welsh pony has stubborn strength and I’m sure it was this will that helped her through this ordeal. When we arrived at the vets he told us he didn’t think she’d live but  the next day, she was still hanging in there……as with the next day and the day after! Her strength and will to live was bigger than she was! It was nothing shy of a miracle! This however wasn’t the only miracle I experienced with Star but I’ll save the other miracle for my next blog post.

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