Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Trucking Out to the Gymkhana

Trucking Out to the Gymkhana


It was a Gymkhana Sunday which was always my favorite! Getting out of bed early on Gymkhana Sundays was never an issue. We’d belonged to the club for a number of years at this point so we had our “get ready routine” down pat.

My thing was to catch horses, tie them up and then start grooming everybody. My dad would hook up the trailer and back it up to our loading spot. Once everyone was cleaned up and ready to go, we’d start loading them. For the most part everyone loaded pretty good, except Star, she hated getting in the trailer so extra time was always allotted for her. 

My mom was always part of the organizing committee so she usually headed out before us to help with registrations and my sister usually went along to help. My dad and I would follow once the horses were all loaded and we'd double checked we had all our tack.

This one particular haul I'll never forget. In order to get to the grounds we had to cross a rail road track and I don’t recall where I heard it but somewhere along the line I was told it was good luck to lift your hands and feet when going over a railway track. As we neared the crossing I said to my dad, “don’t forget to lift your hands and feet for good luck” we both did and just on the other side of the track, the hitch broke on the trailer! The safety chains kept it in tow and the horses were all fine but needless to say that was the last time I ever lifted my hand and feet at a railway crossing!

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