Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Training the Miniature Mules

Training the Miniature Mules

It was my birthday and the kids asked, “what would you like to do today Mom”. It was a beautiful sunny day out so I said let’s work with the miniature mules and see if we can’t hook them up to the chariot today!

My mom and dad had 5 adorable miniature mules and we had been working with for several months, teaching them to lead and getting them used to the harness. Now the big day had come and it was time to see if we could actually drive them hooked up. We picked the quietest two, Adam and Bandit. Adam was bay in colour with a black stripe down his back and across his shoulders. Bandit was sorrel in colour with the same markings on his back and shoulders only his were dark brown. Both were strong as ox’s and had the true temperament of a mule.

After we caught them, brushed them down and worked with them for a bit, we put their harnesses on. We spent a bit of time just driving them around walking behind them. Both drove perfectly just like they’d done it a million times. It was time to move on, right? My dad had a small chariot, just big enough for one person to stand in so without further ado we hooked them up.

Few things went right that day but one thing I’m glad we did was attempt this exercise in the small corral. We had left their halters on underneath their bridles so my daughter and I could lead them; one of us on each side and my son would drive the chariot. The plan sounded good but it didn’t turn out that way. I don’t think we made it more than 10 feet before both mules bolted. There was no way my daughter and I could hold them and within seconds they had pulled the lead shanks right out of our hands are were bolting across the corral with my son on the chariot pulling with all his might trying to stop them. As they neared the corner of the corral both mules did an abrupt turn to left dumping the chariot over on its side with my son in it. He was now caught underneath and the mules were still running. The saving grace was two trees. Somehow the mules managed to run between them but the chariot lodged in between, brining everything to a sudden stop.

The good news was, no one was seriously hurt. My son had some pretty good scrapes and bruises but otherwise he was fine. Both mules were a bit shook up by the whole ordeal but not hurt at all. We often talk about the horse shoes we must have had with us that day!

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