Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - There wasn't Anything Dusty wouldn't Race

There wasn’t Anything Dusty wouldn’t Race

I’ve told you about Dusty and how competitive he was. He would race anything, this I found out the hard way.

One day Dusty and I were riding, bareback of course, with friends. We were between trails, riding along the shoulder of the road when a car pulled up. It was a friend of mine, driving his supped up, red, Chevrolet car. I’m not sure if it was the car or the straight stretch of soft should that made me think of racing but the next thing I knew, we’d come up with this crazy idea to race Dusty against the car so we could see how fast he could run.

I knew if other horses went nose to nose with Dusty, he’d take off and I wouldn’t be able to stop him but I had no idea that he’d do the same with a car! He was stretched right out when I tried to slow him down and that’s when I realized he had no intentions of stopping. I was pulling and he was racing when we reached the connection between the road and the trail we usually ride on. Before I knew it Dusty dove through the ditch and onto the trail still running flat out. We rounded a corner and there across the trail was a tree bent over. Dusty went under and even though I tried to duck, the tree caught me right caught me in the face. It all happened so fast…….the branch, the ground……..it knocked the wind out of me. The next thing I remember was my friends helping me up. I had a small chip out of one tooth but other than that I survived unscathed.

From that moment on though, a mental note was made, there isn’t anything Dusty won’t race!

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