Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Shyanne My Mountain Show Horse

Shyanne My Mountain Show Horse 

During the summer of my grade 10 year I travelled the Arabian show horse circuit with a family named Haywards. Looking back now it was a great opportunity but at the time all I can remember is being home sick and grumbling about all the work and long days. We travelled from show to show with 10 horses, a semi-trailer and a motor home. I groomed, shaved legs, polished & painted hoofs, put baby powder on white stockings, trimmed nose hairs and cleaned up nostrils with baby oil. I showed a 2 year old stallion at halter and took my turns sleeping with the horses when we travelled. We packed a lot of water, scooped a lot of poop and shared a lot of laughs. We travelled for two months across the northern US and Southern Canada. It was an experience I will treasure always.

When I arrived back home, I was so excited to share all my new found knowledge with my family. So right away I headed to the barn and found Shyanne. In case you didn’t read my earlier blog, Shyanne was a mountain bred horse I obtained from an old cowboy friend of my Dad’s named Charlie. He was sorrel in colour with a grey mane and tail. He was short coupled and stocky with 3 white stockings and hairy fetlocks. I quickly set to work shaving his legs with the clippers, trimming his nose hairs and polishing his feet. I used baby powder on his white stockings, braided his mane and tail and of course cleaned up his nostrils with baby oil. It was proud as punch to show him off, however I will never forget what my dad said when he saw him. He said, “he looks great but no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to groom the mountain horse out of that guy!” We all laughed and laughed J

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