Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Saber and a Girl Named Debbie

Saber and a Girl Named Debbie

We only had Saber for a very short period of time but this story isn’t about the time we had with Saber, it’s about his life afterwards.

We bought Saber shortly after Dusty and the hope was he would be calmer and easier for me to start out on. I’ll never forget when we went to go look at him. He was in a tiny box stall in a barn and as we approached he started reared up striking with his front legs. The next thing I knew I heard my dad saying, “we’ll take him!” He was a beautiful bay quarter horse thoroughbred and as it turned out he was a lot more like Dusty than we’d anticipated and not really any easier for a little girl to ride. Around this same time, I met a new friend, our dad’s worked together and she had a horse! She was older than me but our passion for horse brought us together anyhow and soon we were riding buddies. Her horse’s name was Pinto and just like her name suggested she was a beautiful paint with one brown eye and one blue. Debbie had spent hours with Pinto, she taught her how to bow, how to rear on command, you could climb all over her and she didn’t care. We used to get her to put her head down, then we would swing a leg over her neck, she’d lift her head and we’d slide down her neck. We landed backwards of course so we had to turn around but she always waited patiently while we performed our antics. She really was a gentle, kind sole.

Normally Debbie and I would meet somewhere between our two houses, then we’d plan our ride from there but somewhere along the line Debbie ended up coming all the way to my house. Maybe it was fate or simply love but I remember the connection between her and Saber right from the first time they met. From that moment on whenever she saw my dad she’d ask if she could ride him and one day her wish came true and my dad said yes. It became the new norm for Debbie to ride to my house, then we’d switch horses, she’d throw a bridle on Saber and I’d ride Pinto. It wasn’t long before everyone realized Saber and Debbie would be happier if they could be together permanently and Pinto was a perfect fit for our family because anyone could ride her.

It was less than a month after Debbie had Saber that we saw her riding him in the parade. That horse that seemed crazy wild in the stall that day now had hooves painted with sprinkles and was sporting a girl side saddle in a beautiful dress. He was parading her calmly down the street as people clapped and cheered them on. Fate works in mysterious ways sometimes. 

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