Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - My First Horse Dusty

My first Horse Dusty

I saved my allowance, I saved my birthday money, I saved up every penny. Then one day my dad said, “how much money do you have?”. I replied “fifty dollars” and he said,” well I think we should go look at a horse”. I was ecstatic! Finally the day I had waited was here! Dusty was a 2-1/2 year old Arabian quarter horse gelding. He was a sorrel with a white blaze down his face. I was in love. I gave the man my fifty dollars in change and my dad paid the rest J

Wow! My first horse! The part I haven’t told you was that I was only five and he was only 2-1/2 year old. He was a sorrel gelding with a white blaze down his face and a couple of white socks. He was also a bit of a handful for someone only five year old. I must say though, over the many years we had Dusty, he taught me lots!

Dusty was 2-1/2 when we got him and 32 when we finally had to say good-bye. He had a very competitive nature right to the bitter end and “being second” in anything was not acceptable in “Dusty language”. His competitive nature made him a challenge but it also made me a better rider and created endless memories that I will cherish always. In my next blog I’ll tell you a story about just how competitive Dusty was and how there was no stopping him when he was out to win!

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