Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - My Favorite Story About a Mule Named Georgette

My favorite story about a mule named Georgette 

In the good old days before full time work, when summers were all about riding and water, we would make endless trips to the reservoir. We always owned at least half a dozen horses and I had friends with horses so it wasn’t uncommon for a group of 10-12 of us girls to get together on a hot summer day, throw bridles on the horse and head for the water. We never used saddles, we only ever rode bareback.

It was on one of those hot summer days when a large group of us where headed to the reservoir, Marylin was given Georgette to ride. Georgette was our mule, no taller than a pony. She was bay in color with the black strip down her back and T across her shoulders. We mainly used her for packing but she was rideable. It was on one of those particular hot summer day, when a large group of us headed out and like always when we got to our favorite trail we decided to lope. The que was given and off we went, down the trail, one horse behind the other, hair in the wind, laughing all the while until we reached the end of the path. When we stopped, Marylin said, I think this mule was bucking. I remember saying, oh I don’t think so, mules just feel different than horse when they lope. Marylin said ok and we carried on. A little while later we decided to have another little lope, this time I looked back at Marylin and Georgette. Sure enough that mule was bucking!! and Marylin was riding it so gracefully, under the full pretence that mules just lope different than horses! LOL What a trooper Marylin was! We had so many memorable trips to the reservoir, including the time Dusty took off, all the horses following and no one could get them stopped. It was then the real disaster happened , Dusty’s bridle broke! That’s another story for another day.

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