Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - My Buck-It! Cover Story by The Head 2 Hoof Shop

This is my Buck-It! Cover story, the beginning of a new journey and the launch of The Head 2 Hoof Shop

Maybe it was the timing in my life or maybe the stars were all aligned but Allie my playful Thoroughbred horse, I call her my Co-founder, planted the seed which lead us on this journey. I can’t think of a better partner to travel down this road with and what a great learning experience it’s been.
Anyone traveling with large four legged friends is all too familiar with the flat back bucket. We all have at least one that lives in our horse trailer and most of us have several. These buckets are great but as I discovered the story I’m about to tell is not mine alone. Over and over as I talked to horse owners it became clear that everyone had their own “Allie” story to tell.
Food and water, primary needs for all including horses so for most of us when we travel with our four legged friends we take along flat back buckets for grain and water. I’m one of the many who have used these buckets for years. They’re great, with the exception of one small problem; horses love to play with them spilling them everywhere. Usually we (horse owners) try and find unique ways to tie them using binder twine or anything we have on hand. It usually takes several attempts before we end up with something that will hold. Allie is no exception to this rule and after several years of playing the “I’m gone to spill it and you’re gone to have to go fill it again game” I started to wonder if there wasn’t a better way. I searched the internet but most of the products I found where fixed mounted, designed for a stall or coral at home. I needed something that would work on all different styles of fences, stalls or panels because when you’re traveling to clinics, competitions or shows you don’t know what the pen will be like when you get there. I needed something portable, durable and adjustable and there just wasn’t anything available.
This became my new mission, I was gone to design something that even Allie wouldn’t be able to spill or wreck. After some trials and tribulations we finally had what we called “The Buck-It! Cover. I had so many people asking me where I got it that I decided to take it to the next step and launch my own company.

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