Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Lucky's New Life

Lucky’s New Life

In a previous story I told you about Lucky and how he came to live with me but what I haven’t told you yet was some of the things I learnt about him once I got him home.

It only took a few times of riding him out on the trail and a few times of riding him in the arena to realize one he liked, one he didn’t. It was like night and day. When I rode him in the arena, he fought me, tried to buck and wouldn’t calm down. He would be uptight from the moment we entered the arena until we left. When I took him out on the trail though, I could drop my rein on his neck, he was so relaxed and he’d walk like a trooper! I never had to ask him to walk up, if anything I had to ask him to slow down so others could catch up.

Arena’s weren’t his only issue though, he also hated people touching his ears, he hated the bit, and even worse he had attachment issues. Riding him away from the other horses was not ok in his mind. I learnt this the hard way when we were moving cows from one pasture to another. One of the cow decided to detoured off up a hill so I was going to quietly go up and around her and direct her back down to the herd. When I turned Lucky away from the other horses to head up the hill, he started having a fit, tossing his head, pulling on the bit and side stepping in every direction except the direction I had asked him to go. I gave him a squeeze to encourage him to move forward and that’s when it happened! His head went down, he started grunting, snorting and bucking! My dad always said its fear and common sense that keep us on! LOL and nothing could have been more true that day. I rode it out and although we worked on that issue over the many years that followed, we never did fix it 100%.

The arena issue did get better over time and eventually I could touch his ears. I also started riding him in a halter rather than a bridle which he must preferred. Trail riding was always his favorite though that never changed.

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