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If You Can Ride Him, You Can have Him

I got a call from my Mom’s sister one day, her exact words, “do I have a deal for you!”

Let me start from the beginning. My Aunt had a friend who had an older mare in her twenties, so she decided it was time to start looking for another horse. Not to replace her older mare but to keep her company and provide her with a horse she could ride for longer periods of time. Turns out there was a horse auction coming up, so my Aunt and her friend made a plan to go.

 It was at this auction where they found Lucky. He was a Quarter Horse Morgan cross, at least that’s what they were told. He was sorrel in colour, about 15’2” and 4 years old. I think it was love at first sight, he was the only horse she bid on and she wasn’t leaving without him.

I believe my Aunt’s friend had Lucky for close to a year before life through some challenges and offers her way. One was a promotion which meant a transfer and of course this now meant finding a new boarding facility for her horses. In the end she found a place for her old mare but with the challenges of a new job and some of the other struggles she was facing decided in the end it was best to sell Lucky. She put an add in the paper, specifying he needed an experienced rider and he would only go to a good home. Several people responded to her ad but after the second person was bucked off, she decided no more.

She called my Aunt up and said, at this point if I found someone who could ride him and give him a good home, I would just give him to them………and that’s when I got the call. I hooked up my trailer, drove 8 hours to my Aunts house and the next day we met my Aunt’s friend and Lucky at the arena. He was already tacked up and ready to go. This was the first time I’d ever ridden in an English saddle and it was pretty cool actually. I mounted up and around we went. He tried a few little things including a small buck but in the end we did just fine.

That day I took Lucky home with me and we had close to 20 great years together. I discovered lots about him over that time, but I’ll save those stories for another day.

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