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Horseback Honeymoon

I told a story earlier about getting married in the mountains at my Uncle guide territory. The scenery in that whole area is absolutely breath taking which is why it only seemed fitting after a horseback wedding to go on a horseback honeymoon. We spent the day after the wedding at the camp saying good bye to guests and cleaning up but the following day we headed into the mountains on a four-day pack trip. The weather for the wedding had been cold but by the time we headed out on our honeymoon the weather had warmed up. Our destination the first day was the Dyrite cabin. It was about a 6-hour ride but the trail was good and the ride was absolutely beautiful. Every bend we went around opened up to new views; basin after basin with grassy slopes, snow patches, alders and rock slides, it was absolutely spectacular. We even saw a grizzly bear and her cub slowly making their way across one of the basins. They were a bit hard to see because of the distance but you could still make out that mama was a grizzly by her colouring.

We arrived at the cabin later that afternoon. After we built a rope corral for the horses, we started hauling our stuff over to the cabin. Turns out we weren’t the only ones staying there! We opened the door to find the pack rats had made quite the little home inside. If you’ve ever seen a pack rat their actually kind of cute. They kind of look like a guinea pig with a long tail; however, they smell bad, kind of like a skunk. We decided it was best just to pitch the tent.

The next day the real adventure started. I’d rode back to the cabin before but never gone beyond that. The destination was Dyrite Lake and we knew this part of the journey was gone to be steep. It took us a bit to find the marking for the trail head but eventually we found it.  From there things were straight up. We ended up leading the horses for most of the rest of the journey. As we climbed, we’d stop and take breaks and in the open spots, when you looking back all you could see was mountain top after mountain top, it was one of the most spectacular views I’ve even seen. The higher we got the more mountain tops you could see and in front of us on the trail the scenery was just as beautiful. We encountered little grassy meadows, an older miner’s cabin and a crystal-clear creek meandered back and forth up the mountain parallel to the trail with little pools of water all along the way. Late that afternoon we made it to the base of the saddle and decided that was the perfect spot to camp for the night.

The next day we left the horses at the camp we’d made and walked up the shale trail to the saddle. I’ll never forget the moment we crested the saddle and we could see what lye on the other side. It was the most breath taking clear blue lake I’d ever seen with a kind of vibrant green colour all around the edge. This beautiful lake was just nestled in the bottom of this basin, so beautiful, so remote, so spectacular. It would have been neat if we could have gone down to that lake but it would have been very difficult. It was surrounded with shale rock on all sides. I guess going down might not have been hard but the getting back up might have been next to impossible. Instead we enjoy the view for awhile then made our way back down to camp and the next day we started to make the journey home.

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