Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Four Girls and One Horse

Four Girls and One Horse 

In my last story I mentioned a horse named Lady. Lady was Christie’s big black Tennessee Walker. She was a lovely, big, gentle, horse whom we all loved very much. She was one of those horses you could put anyone on, she didn’t have a mean bone in her body and always looked after her rider.

There were four of us girls who lived fairly close together; we rode lots after school, usually going straight off the school bus. We typically split into two groups; two headed to Joan’s to grab Sheba and two would go to Christie’s house. Christie had two horses Lady who I mentioned above and Itch. Itch was great but a bit more horse to handle than Lady was. Christie rode both so in the end it just depended on who she felt like riding that day. After she selected a horse, the four of us on two horses would double to the field where we would get the other two horses and head out for a good ride.

On this one particular day, Sheba wasn’t home and I’m not sure why but Itch wasn’t available either. Now we had 4 girls and only one horse. Do we draw straws to see who walks or………….all pile on! Well the choice was easy, I leapt on first, next was Joan, then Shelley and Christie opted to ride on the bum. Off we went the four of us down the trail, towards the field. Christie has the comfy seat and I…..well let’s just say Lady had large withers and I could feel every step lol. Maybe it was the whining and complaining I was doing that initiated what happened next. As we started down one of our favorite trails Christie, riding on the cushy seat, decided it would be fun to give Lady a little smack on the butt. Immediately of course, Lady began to trot. Well you can image my reaction as we bounced down the trail! The roar of laughter that instilled the other 3 could probably be heard for miles and each time I managed to slow Lady down and the laughs subsided Christie would give Lady another tap. By the time we reached the field I was more than ready to get off and as a token of my gratitude for all of the trotting, I brought Lady to a halt and swung my leg creating a domino’s effect with my 3 friends. Each one dropped to the ground one after another. Now who would have the last laugh J

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