Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Everyone Needs a Horse Like Pinto, Well Most of the Time

Everybody Needs a Horse Like Pinto, Well Most of the Time

Previously I told a story about Saber and Debbie and in that story and I mentioned a horse named Pinto. Now I want to share some of my memorable moments surrounding her. Pinto was the horse Debbie owned and the one she traded to us in exchange for Saber. As her name explains she was Pinto in colour with one blue eye and one brown. Pinto was a kind and gentle sole; she was one of those horses that was great for helping build confidents (at least most of the time).  One of fun things I can remember doing with Pinto is getting her to put her head down, then swinging my leg over her neck then she’d raise her head and I would slide down straight onto the back. We only did this bareback of course and once on her back you still had get yourself turned around. It was an easy way to get on when your only four foot tall. Pinto new many tricks, she could bow, rear on command and we used to have fun sliding off of her bum. You could put many kids on her and we had lots of fun doubling; sometimes we played around and the front person would ride forward and the person behind would ride backwards. Then we’d walk trot and lope just to see if she would buck or if the person riding backwards would fall off. We had several horses we liked to try this with, Pinto didn’t usually buck but Kaneeta (the pony) usually did.

Water was Pinto’s thing; she loved water! On those hot summer days when we’d ride to the reservoir everyone wanted Pinto when got there. She’d see the water and without hesitation she was in, pawing and splashing water every where! It was really fun when she’d decide to roll and the excitement was, you’d never know exactly when she was going to do it until it was happening. It usually entailed a whole bunch of screaming and laughing mostly because the water was so cold.

Rolling was a thing with Pinto. Not sure if she was menopausal LOL or just heated up easily but when she got hot, rolling was her thing. My mom didn’t ride very much, primarily because things usually went south when she did. One time my dad managed to talk her into going for a family ride and he saddled Pinto for her. The hope was this quiet, gentle horse would take my mom for a nice ride and really boost her confidence when it came to riding. That was the hope but reality said different.

I remember it well, there a bit of snow on the ground but it was a nice winter day. Everything was going well and then on the ride home, Pinto must have warmed up because all of a sudden, she did the stop, drop and roll trick! My mom managed to get off and out of harms way but she didn’t get back on and it took a long time before we ever convinced her to try again. When we finally managed to talk her into trying again, it didn’t go much better but that’s a story for another day.

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