Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Ebenezer the Donkey

Ebenezer the Donkey

It started off as a regular day, we were just going to pick up a bit of extra hay. Throughout the winter we increased our livestock by a few extra animals and were now faced with needing some hay to get us through until haying season which was a couple of months away. My dad phoned around to some of his friends and one of them, Albert, had some.

We made a plan to meet on Saturday. My dad had the trailer all hooked up when we arrived so we just needed to grab our gloves and jump in the truck. The haying team was my dad, me, Amanda and Brandon. Amanda was about 12 at the time and Brandon, about 8. You may wonder why they're age matters but as my story goes on, I'm sure it will become clearer.

We met Albert and after a bit of chit chat, we headed to the hay barn and started loading. Before long the trailer was full and all that was left was to tie the load down. As dad and I diligently worked away at this, Amanda and Brandon asked if they could go for a walk and Albert said he'd go with them. They wanted to meet Alberts horses and more importantly …………. Ebenezer! Ebenezer was a donkey and he looked exactly like what you picture when you think of a donkey. He was grey and white in colour with the dark stripe going across his shoulders and down is back. He had a thin tail, long ears, a white nose, fuzzy forehead and you could tell he was very, very old! Once my dad and I finished up with the trailer we headed out to join Albert and the kids and before we could even reach them, Amanda was running towards us, her voice full of excitement, yelling, Mom! Mom! Albert says we can have Ebenezer if its ok with you! Please mom, please, can we take him home?

What could I say? It was hard to tell a 12 and 8 year old no when they were clearly so excited by this offer. Albert was trying to downsize and figured a couple of kids would be the perfect retirement home for Ebenezer. Who knew the day which was supposed to be about getting hay would turn into owning a donkey!

Ebenezer only had about 3 years with us before he passed away but we enjoyed those years immensely. The kids would all pile on him and try to get him to move. The only success they had was putting a carrot on a stick and dangling it in front of him. He built confidence and provided great entertainment. My mom says, Ebenezer was the beginning of her passion for donkeys which I’m sure is why Daisy and Vanderhoof came into our lives but that’s a story for another time.

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