Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Contessa and the Crazy Carpet

Contessa and the Crazy Carpet

My friend Cindy had a great big dapple horse named Contessa. For the most part Contessa was a quiet gentle sole but she wasn’t lazy, she could really move when asked.

This one particular day in early winter we’d just has a fresh snow fall and we’re trying to decide what to do that day. It was a toss up, play with in the snow or play with the horses, that’s when we decided, why not play with the horse and the snow! The wheels started turning and the next thing you know we had this brilliant idea to get a rope tie it to the crazy carpet and Contessa could pull it. Sounded like fun, right?

Cindy saddled up Contessa and I got the rope and crazy carpet ready. We picked the side of the road beside her house and behind mine. It wasn’t a busy road so we figured it was a great place to head out from. I passed Cindy the rope then climbed and she tied it to her horn then I went back and climbed onto the crazy carpet.

Well you can guess what happened next………Contessa was not a fan of that crazy carpet and before we knew it she bolted. The crazy carpet came out from underneath me and I was left on the road but Cindy and Contessa where running full bore down the road with the crazy carpet whipping around behind them. Cindy had tied the rope to the horn on her saddle and couldn’t get it off.

Many miles later the carpet broke from the rope and Cindy managed to stop Contessa. No one was hurt but it was a learning lesson in why you never tie to your horn.

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