Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Chasing Horses over the Hartley by The Head 2 Hoof Shop

Buck-It! Let's go Riding

Chasing Horses over the Hartley

It was a wintering feeling day late in the fall, the weather was over cast, drizzly, cold but no snow luckily. I had been visiting my friends Marjory and Jim the night before and Jim asked if I would like to chase some horses for him from camp over the Hartley pass and down to the ranch. My answer of course was absolutely! J
Jim didn’t want me to take my horse he said it was best if I rode one of the herd horses. The next morning on the drive up to camp Jim started telling me all about the horse he picked out for me to ride. His name was Blaze; he was a big horse, draft cross. Jim said, “he has a hell of a walk on him but be forewarned he does this really strange thing sometimes”. Intrigued and a bit nervous, I asked, “a strange thing?” Jim said, “well he’ll stop every once in a while and look at ya. He’ll turn his head right around and look at ya with both eyes”. It sounded slightly weird but I said, “ok, good to know”.  We got to camp and I met Blaze, he came by his name honestly, sporting a nice white stripe down the center of his face. We saddled him up, I mounted and before we even moved, this big old horse turned his neck and looked at me with both eyes, strangest thing I’d ever experienced with a horse. It only last a second then he turned and we were good to go.
There were only three horses not including Blaze that we had to herd over the pass.  Jim’s advice was just to keep them moving. Keep it steady at a slow jog and just don’t stop. He opened the gate and off we went, through the river, down the road and up and over the pass. It was a whole day event and we never stopped once. We hit a bit of snow at the top and somewhere along the way Jim caught up to us in his truck. He handed me a tea then went on ahead so he could open the gate for us.
I remember arriving frozen cold, needing to pee so bad my back teeth were floating and smiling from ear to ear. It truly was an amazing ride, I’ll never forget. This wasn't my only horse chasing experience with Jim though, I'll tell you about my Man from Snowy River experience in another story.

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