Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - Buying One Horse and Ending Up with Two

Buying One Horse and Ending up with Two

In my last story I talked about buying Star from a horse auction and the first surprising thing we learnt about her landed my dad in the hospital. You never really know exactly what you’re buying at these types of sales and the hospital trip was only one of the surprising things we discovered about Star.

We only had Star a few months when we noticed her physical body starting to change. At first we thought she was just gaining weight, she was more to the slight side when we bought her so at first we didn’t think too much of it. However she kept getting larger and the weight gain didn’t seem typical of a horse that was just eating more. Her belly was becoming bigger low and towards her hind legs……….and then one day we noticed her utter was starting to fill. When we bought her at the auction we never dreamt she would be pregnant! It was so exciting, every morning I would run out and check to see if today was the day. When that day finally did come it was amazing! He was so cute, walking around and giving his mom grief within hours of being born. He was a healthy little stud colt whom we decided to name Telstar. Star, I spent endless hours playing with him; one of our favorite games when he was little was leap frog. He was the  only one doing the leaping though. The game was I would crouch down, give him the sign and he would jump over me. It was great fun until one day instead of jumping over me he decided to rear up and strike me. He was little and I wasn’t hurt but that did bring that game to an abrupt end lol.

Everything with Telstar just seem to come easy, I can’t tell you the first day I actually led him somewhere or the first day I ever rode him. It just seemed so natural and easy right from the day he was born, we would play games, he would follow me, I’d touch him everywhere and as he got bigger crawl all over him. I can remember just lying on him looking up at the sky as he roamed around the field eating.

I wasn’t the only one who loved to hang with Telstar. My good friend Christie was right there beside me and the four of us, Star, Telstar, Christie and I played endlessly together. As Telstar got bigger, we grew tired of just hanging around in the field so eventually we started taking him on our trail rides. Christie usually rode him and I rode Star. He was always just like one of the other horses, he never bucked, he never spooked; it was like he was born rideable. Christie’s parents ended up buying Telstar for her and the two of us spent endless hours riding and competing with our mom and son pair.

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