Buck-It! Let's Go Riding - A Summer Ride Turned into a Runaway Disaster

A Summer Ride Turned into Runaway Disaster

In my last story I talked about summers and how we all loved to ride to the reservoir where were we would spend hours playing in the creek with the horses and in previous  stories, I’ve told you all about Dusty, his competitive nature and how he could turn into a runaway if he thought another horse wanted to race.

It was on one of those hot summer days when a group of about 8 of us headed to the reservoir. We always rode bareback so when we got to the creek we could just ride right in. The horses would start pawing and water would fly everywhere! Pinto, another one of our horse I haven’t told you much about yet, was always the most fun, she loved the water. Her favorite thing was to paw a few times then roll! After a day of fun, playing in the water we decided it was time to head home. I was riding Dusty and as I mentioned before Dusty was good as long as he didn’t feel another horse wanted to race. On the ride home we all decided to have a little lope. It started off well and then one of the other horses started going nose to nose with Dusty. I yelled to pull back but it was too late, both horses were running full tilt and there was no stopping them. I always rode with a since rein and the more the speed picked up the more I pulled on it. It was just then that the worst thing that could happen happened. Dusty’s bridle broke! Now I was on a runaway horse who’s bridle was swinging between his legs. I did the only think I could think of, I wrapped my arms around his neck then swung my legs down so I was dangling around his neck. My feet touched the ground and I let go. I ended up with a small cut on my finger which bled a bit but otherwise I was unharmed. The funny part of my story is, we couldn't catch Dusty after the was over so I ended up jumping on behind my friend on her horse. As we once again headed home a neighbor lady came driving up. She rolled down her window and said do you know there's a horse following you, is it yours? As she drove away we all laughed. Was two people on one horse, the blood or the broken bridle not a giveaway he was with us?

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