Buck-It! Let`s Go Riding - Georgette the Mule and My 3 Wheel Trike!

Georgette the Mule and My 3 Wheel Trike!

In the summer time we kept our horses over at the field. The field was about 3 km’s away from the house, so we were always scheming modes of transportation between the two. Sometimes we walked, other times we biked. If Christie was going then the four of us would pile on her horse lady and ride over, which reminds me of another story I’ll share next time. This one particular day though, Georgette the mule was at the house so I decided to ride her over. I headed out and realized the dogs were following. I got off to shew the dogs home and the next thing I knew Georgette bolted and before I could stop her she took off to the field without me.

Now I had to come up with plan B. I went back home and got the three wheel trike and once again headed for the field. When I got there I found Georgette nuzzling with the horses over the fence. I caught her and turned her in with the horse, then went for my ride. The real challenge came after my ride. Now I had to figure out how to get both Georgette and the trike home.

I came up with a solution but looking back I`m not sure what part of me thought it was a good idea. I tied Georgette to the back of the 3 wheeler then jumped on and started to give it throttle. Georgette planted her feet, so I gave it even more throttle! That’s when it all started to go wrong. Before I knew it Georgette started to pull back, reacted by giving it even more throttle and Georgette pulled back more! Before I could stop it, Georgette was pulling the 3 wheeler backwards. Now that noise machine was chasing her and that`s when it happened! Georgette took off, full run dragging the little 3 wheeler behind her. Eventually she went between two trees at which point the noise machine that was chasing her lodged between the trees and Georgette came to an abrupt stop. The good news was Georgette was fine and aside from a bend handle bar that hearty little Honda trike was undamaged. Chock that up to a learning lesson I’ll never forget.

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