Buck-It! Covers, Article by Margaret Evans Horse Journals


By Margaret Evans

Sooner or later, horse owners have issues with buckets. Or rather, their horses do. Tammy Hampton of Cranbrook, BC adores her thoroughbred Allie, but the aggravation of Allie constantly knocking over her bucket of feed or water became stressful. It wasn’t just wasted food but the time spent cleaning up the mess. Allie too was frustrated trying to eat the trampled food on the floor. Tammy started looking for answers and… enter the Buck-It! Cover. 

This simple yet ingenious cover was created by Hampton and is designed to fit snugly around a standard size feed or water bucket. Made of neoprene and secured with Velcro®, the strapping system secures the bucket to any wall structure, fence, fence post or tree. 

“The straps utilize a quick release buckle at one end and a snap hook to attach to the D-ring at the other,” says Hampton. “You can really snug up the quick release by pulling on the end of the strap.”

The efficiency is all in how the straps are looped and secured to the D-rings.

“There is no right or wrong way to attach,” she says. “You just need to play with the straps to understand how they work best for your application. To refill the bucket, all you need to do is lift up gently on the back of the quick release buckle and it will loosen. Then you detach the snap hook, refill your bucket, reconnect the snap hook and pull the end of the straps to tighten again.” 

The covers are durable and wash well in non-bleach detergent, then should be hung or laid out to dry. They can be customized with an embroidered brand name, club name, stable name, a slogan of your choosing, or your horse’s name. Buck-It! Covers also make ideal gifts, show prizes, or thank-you gifts.  

Hampton opened her store in 2015 and they have a great online marketing arrangement with other online stores. 

“If someone wants to sell Buck-It! Covers with their logo on it, they don’t have to carry inventory,” she says. “We simply connect our stores. Then the H2H Shop will process and ship to the customer. After that we e-transfer the agreed commission. This way there are no costs to my customers but a great opportunity for them to build their branding opportunities. It’s a fairly low-cost marketing tool when you think of the visibility it will provide directly to other potential customers.”

Now there are Bucket-It! Covers for dogs and livestock.  

“The Canine Buck-It! Covers are new,” she says. “We only officially launched them in the spring. We do anticipate they will be just as popular as the horse covers. Also, in August we introduced the covers to those who show cattle. The response we got was overwhelmingly positive.”

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