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Buck-It! Cover Product Review

Thank you Genny Macy, A Gift Horse, for taking the time to put together this product review, we really appreciate it.


Product Review: (Custom) Buck-It Cover

by admin

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this product review - including turning my kitchen into a 'feed zone', let me just share how stinkin' cute this product is!





Now I can get down to business.  Tamara from Head 2 Hoof reached out a few weeks ago and offered me a product, the Buck-It Cover, to try out and see what I thought of it.  After some debate over the 8L size and the 20L size, both of which are available customized, I went with the smaller of the two.  I knew I had a trunk coming, and my current locker wouldn't have space for the bigger option.  Upon deciding my size, I then proceeded to have a total blast on the Head 2 Hoof customizing platform.

Here is one of my many variations I went through before going with my final version.

M custom

You can add monograms, and fun colors for free, or your logo (after a small digitizing fee of $65).  In my experience logo-ed purchases like that tend to be barn wide, so we all just divide the price among our purchases.

I admit I was not the most exciting Buck-It Cover out there - you have to see some of the really clever ones on their Facebook page here.  But I love me some purple and grey!

The 20L size customized Buck-It Cover will run you $69CAD ($52.4USD), the 8L will run you $59CAD ($44.85USD).  If you are someone like me who has always had a plain black bucket that looks identical to everyone else, it may or may not grow legs and walk away when you are not paying attention, this customized aspect is a great addition.  I can see myself using it both as a feed bucket or a handy grooming bucket at the shows I'm hoping to hit up in 2019.

I also think that people who travel quite a lot, or are avid trail riders will find a lot of value in these buckets as they have 4 different straps designed to "hook" around or onto anything.  My husband was playing with it here, and it's hanging on my oven, but it also would be great around a sturdy tree, post etc. out on the trail.


Husband had to be sure his team was in the picture too.


Setting up your bucket is quite simple, there are instructions with each Buck-It Cover and we managed to do it in under 5 minutes while juggling my fussy 3 month old.  So trust me, it's simple.  And the velcro feels very strong and I can see it holding up long term.  Since my last 8 quart bucket disappeared into the void that is my garage, I actually used the Buck-It Cover without the velcro for a week before I bought a new permanent bucket for it to cover.  The neoprene slips right on and looks really great.


The Velcro is really intense.



One quick snip of the scissors....and done!


US buyers should we aware that some stores here sell only 8 quart buckets, and so there is a tiny big of excess towards the bottom where the Buck-It snaps together.  When I mentioned my experience with this, Head 2 Hoof has gone back to edit that aspect, so if you were to order now, you may have no issues.


Head 2 Hoof as a subtle brand along the back.



This is the Buck-It Cover just slipped on a friends 8 quart bucket, no Velcro needed.


If you are looking for a great way to show off your fun style, unite a barn at shows, or make the most of your situation out on the trail, I would absolutely recommend the Buck-It Cover.   Now, everyone go play withcustomization feature, it is pretty great.

You can follow Head 2 Hoof, makers of Buck-It Cover on instagram or Facebook.



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