Origin of the Buck-It Cover

Most people in the horse industry use at least one feed bucket, and many have several. These buckets are used to water or feed our equine friends whether at home or on the road. Typically these buckets are placed on the ground or hung on a fence by the handle using a clip or tie. When a bucket is suspended by a handle with a horse’s head inside tossing it from side to side; spillage is inevitable! I was at the local veterinarian’s facility when I once again spotted some buckets inside a round pen hung with a rope by the handle to the side of the rails, this reminded me of my last road trip when I packed water to my horse up a hill three times in a day because she kept spilling it! With such experiences the idea for Buck-It! Covers was born…”Why doesn’t someone come up with something better than a string or clip suspending the bucket from the handle”?

Although I discovered there were products on the market, none fit what I was looking for. I wanted something that would secure the bucket that I had, include portability, and was something I could just leave on my bucket which could then be secured to a multitude of things including a range of different fencing options. After hours of brainstorming, long time friend and equine expert, Shawne Bremer and I came up with the Buck-It! Cover. Prototypes were built, tested, reworked, rebuilt and are now being used on our farms.

 As we travelled with our equine partners using our Buck-It!  Covers we realized these covers can be used in lots of other applications such as livestock shows or 4H. Any where a feed bucket is used, a Buck-It! Cover is needed.

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